Vaccination against coronavirus infection among employees of the penal system continues in the Trans-Baikal Territory


In order to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection among employees of the penal system, UFSIN of the Russian Federation of the Trans-Baikal Territory is actively pursuing a vaccination campaign.

Vaccination is a reliable weapon in the fight against infection. Infectious diseases have accompanied mankind throughout its evolution, being the main cause of human mortality. Modern medicine knows more than 6.5 thousand infectious diseases, which prevail in the general structure of diseases. Since the beginning of the 20th century, controlled immunization has been able to eliminate various diseases.

It has been scientifically proven that vaccine prophylaxis of infectious diseases is by far the most effective measure to prevent infections and the development of severe complications. Long-term observations have proven that vaccinated persons fall ill with infectious diseases 4-20 times less often than unvaccinated persons.

- Vaccination against the new coronavirus infection can become a reliable tool that can reduce the spread of the disease and the risk of complications. At present, a vaccination campaign is underway in the penitentiary system of the region," says Elena Senatrusova, head of MSCh-75 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. - Before vaccination, employees must be examined by a doctor, undergo the necessary medical examinations and receive an admission to the procedure. We are confident that these measures will reduce the risk of infection among employees.

Vaccination is carried out with the Russian vaccine GamCovidVac (Sputnik V) in two stages. The second component of the vaccine is administered 21 days after the first stage. Medical workers strictly monitor the well-being of vaccinated employees.

Thus, more than 1,600 employees and workers have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus infection in the institutions of UFSIN of the Russian Federation in the Trans-Baikal Territory. The proportion of people who have been vaccinated twice but have fallen ill with coronavirus infection is 0.5%. No cases of severe course of the disease were registered among vaccinated employees.

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Date of last update: 22.07.2021 16:38


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