UFSIN of the Russian Federation for the Komi Republic resumes providing long-term visits for inmates


Based on the current epidemiological situation in the territory of the Republic of Komi according to the decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor - head of the branch of the Central State Sanitary Inspection of FKUZ of MSCH-11 of FSIN of Russia in the institutions of UFSIN of the Russian Federation in the Komi Republic, it was decided to renew provision of long-term visits to convicts since April 26, 2021.

Due to the stabilization of the epidemiological situation on a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the Russian Federation, in the Komi Republic, among persons held in the institutions of UFSIN of the Russian Federation in the Komi Republic, as well as among employees and workers of penitentiary system according to the decision of the chief state sanitary doctor - head of the branch of the Central State Sanitary Inspection of FKUZ MSCh-11 of FSIN of Russia from 26 April 2021 decided to resume providing long-term visits to prisoners in institutions of UFSIN of the Russian Fedaration in the Komi Republic, where restrictive measures (quarantine) have not been imposed by the decree of the chief state sanitary doctor.

Relatives will be allowed on long-term visits under the following conditions:

- presence of the results of PCR testing for a new coronavirus infection performed at an accredited laboratory not earlier than 3 days before the providing of visit;

- absence of signs of acute respiratory disease and fever;

- availability of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves).

We inform you that at the entrance to the institution there is organized an entrance control of the health of visitors with the measurement of body temperature. Relatives of inmates arriving for the long-term visit are required to have a sufficient supply of personal protective equipment at the rate of at least three days for all visitors, as well as for the inmate who is given a long visit. Personal protective equipment is used when staying in common areas (kitchen, corridor, sanitary unit, shower room, other). When using personal protective equipment, it is necessary to clearly comply with the requirements for the time of use, the order of collection and decontamination: ensure that masks are changed by persons in the long visitation rooms at least after 3 hours of continuous wear, or immediately when overwatered or contaminated. When removing the mask, roll the outer surface inward, place it in a plastic bag that is hermetically sealed.

In the case of finding the facts of presence of arriving citizens (including children) and convicts without personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) in the rooms of long-term visits, except for dormitories, the long-term visit is terminated, including with its possible replacement by a short-term visit.

The staff conducts daily rounds of the long-term visitation rooms (interviewing, temperature measurement) in order to identify persons with signs of acute respiratory diseases among inmates and relatives. If signs of acute respiratory disease are detected in persons on a long visit, the visit shall be terminated early, and the inmate shall be isolated in a separate room.

Dispensers with hand sanitizers were made available in the rooms for long-term visits. Increased the frequency of routine disinfection in the rooms for long-term visits with detergents and disinfectants recommended for viral infections, ventilation, air disinfection with bactericidal irradiators approved for use in the presence of people. A record is kept of the time worked and the amount of hours worked in the corresponding log. A time interval of at least 24 hours is provided between long visits for the purpose of current disinfection similar to the final disinfection with the use of disinfectants active against viruses.

The simultaneous occupancy of long-term visitation rooms is not more than 50% of the total occupancy.

In order to avoid congestion of the maximum number of persons simultaneously staying in common areas (kitchen, corridor, recreation room, children's room) the relevant information is indicated in these rooms.

We inform you that the administration of the institution reserves the right to refuse to provide the long-term visits in case of non-compliance with the above requirements.

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