Territorial body of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Murmansk region reports:


From August 24 2020, in the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Murmansk region, the provision of short-term visits to suspects, accused and convicted persons is resumed.

Due to the need to comply with sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures, including the presence of a limited number of persons in the premises, visits are provided by appointment in the online system "FSIN-WINDOW" https://www.fsin-okno.ru/base/murmansk.

Short-term visits are held in equipped rooms of short-term visits if all participants have personal protective equipment (masks for respiratory protection, gloves).

Before admitting to a visit, employees carry out a body temperature control at the entrance. Persons with visible signs of respiratory illness and (or) with an elevated body temperature are not allowed to meet with convicts and persons under investigation.

Please note that if violations of the use of personal protective equipment are detected, the visit is terminated.

Transfers during the short-term appointments will not be accepted until a special order.

We ask relatives of persons held in institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Murmansk region to understand the current sanitary and epidemiological restrictions.

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Date of last update: 11.09.2020 10:43


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