Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia reports:

Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia reports:

Three cases of suspicion of a new coronavirus infection among detainees have been identified in pre-trial detention center № 2 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia. Necessary laboratory tests are carried out.

All patients are under constant medical supervision in the medical unit of the pre-trial detention center. The disease is mild. The state of health is rated as satisfactory.

Persons in contact with them are isolated, they are tested for the presence of the disease. All of them are also under the supervision of medical professionals. For preventive purposes, the necessary sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, disinfection of all rooms, quartzing and ventilation are carried out in the institution and in the territory adjacent to it.

Organized around-the-clock monitoring and control of the epidemiological situation. At the time of service, personnel are given personal protective equipment - masks for respiratory protection, gloves and disinfectants. The medical part of the institution is provided with the necessary supply of medicines.

Medical workers doubled the number of visits and examinations. At the first occurrence of a respiratory disease in suspects, accused and convicted persons, laboratory tests for coronavirus are mandatory.

In each case of the disease, a set of measures is organized to isolate the patient and take under observation the persons who have contact with him.

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