The Federal Penitentiary Service reports:

The Federal Penitentiary Service reports:

More than 35 thousand laboratory tests for a new coronavirus infection were carried out in institutions and bodies of the penitentiary system, about 14000 were carried out in prisons.

The number of laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-2019 among the employees and employees of the department is 617 cases, among the suspects, accused and convicted - 145 cases.

At the same time 208 employees of the penal correction system and 29 people among the suspects, accused and convicted recovered.

In order to prevent the incidence of a new coronavirus infection, the Federal Penitentiary Service organizes all the necessary sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures.

The health units operate around the clock, all of them are provided with the necessary supply of medicines.

Medical workers have increased the number of examinations. At the first occurrence of a respiratory disease in suspects, accused and convicted persons, laboratory tests for coronavirus are mandatory.

In each case of the disease, a set of measures is organized to isolate the patient and take under observation the persons who have contact with him.

The Federal Penitentiary Service organized round-the-clock monitoring and control of the epidemiological situation. At all facilities of the penitentiary system, additional disinfection measures are carried out using modern bactericidal agents and irradiators.

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